Are You Living in Gray?

Are we beating the gray pavement; a neutral life? Is this why we claim the Christian name and we are left wanting?

We have been living in our comfortable neutrality.

America proclaimed the promise of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

Except in our prosperity we have held tightly to things that ultimately we cannot keep at the expense of our souls.

It is never about comfort in this life first, is this what we have held tightly to?

Secondly, what has it cost us?

The gospel is black and white. Not gray. We have attempted to make it gray.

Jesus said there will be a cost for following me, but dare I say that maybe we have aimed for Jesus without the cost.

Jesus said, “foxes have holes and birds have nests but the Son of man has no where to lay His head.” Matthew 8:20

Have we been focusing on the comfort of the here and now to the point of idolatry?

Are we beating the gray pavement?

Christians in America, I have this to say to you and to myself.

When we give up the gray instability being tossed to and fro by every wind, we will then be ready to move forward in the race and our joy will be made complete. We will be satisfied.

The gray road is unstable.

The gray road cares more about safety and comfort.

The gray road has a fear of man.

The gray road will just be silent.

The gray road lacks conviction and truth.

The gray road may on the outside look like it cares about others but really is self exalting and self preserving at its core. The gray road lacks courage.

I have news; it is a mirage.

We spend days, months and years walking down the gray pavement, we keep chasing a mirage. “We saw it! It must be there!” We even looked up now and again and saw the sun shining down on it as if that was a sign to keep chasing it.

How long will we beat the gray pavement chasing the mirage?

All the goodness and beauty we have, material and otherwise is given from above. If we chase anything but the Giver we will never arrive upon it. In our attempts to get just a little closer, it will always fade away. But when we aim at the Giver He only becomes more real and more lovely as we draw closer.

So stop aiming at the gray pavement.

“Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth ‘thrown in’: aim at Earth and you will get neither.”

CS Lewis

God has brought you out of darkness and into His marvelous light. Yes black to white!

What now? Proclaim the good news!

That’s it! This is what we are called to. Walk in the light as He is in the light.

Ask the Lord to give you opportunities to share His good news! We aren’t reforming the world, we are messengers to a dying world that there is redemption and hope through the cross of Jesus. It’s not about a world being reformed, it’s about hearts being transformed. Step out of the gray and walk confidently in the Light of our Savior Jesus!

“If you be a Christian, be a Christian, and be a marked and distinct one.” Charles Spurgeon


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