Kept for the Master’s Use Part 7

Have you ever been given a job or something to do that you felt you just weren’t qualified for? Then you went by faith and you began to learn and grow as you walked in it.

Maybe you’ve heard, “God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.”

We can be sure that God always finishes what He starts.

We are presently complete in Him and yet He is continuing to complete us. God is molding and refining us.

If the LORD has adopted us as His children then we cannot be snatched from our Father’s Hand.

A child desires to please her parents, and she brings them a picture with a bunch of scribbles that can hardly be deciphered and says, “Daddy, here is my picture. I love you.” She brings all she knows and has in her possession and offers it. The father receives it with love but goes on to teach and mold the child. The scribbles then become more clear as the father trains up the child.

Like our lives, when we desire to please Him, we come to God with a big messy picture and He receives us with love but He knows and can decipher exactly what’s on the picture. As we walk with Him, He takes our hand and teaches us. As we grow, the messy picture becomes more refined; our lives start to become more clear and God helps shape our colors, lines and shadings so that we shine for Him more clearly as we move on in our Christian life.

Havergal says, “As the seasons pass on, it will seem as if there was always more and more to be done; the very fact that He is constantly showing us something more to be done in it, is proving that it is really His ground. Only let Him have the ground, no matter how poor or overgrown the soil may be.”

If you still feel like you aren’t qualified, then Praise the Lord, you are getting somewhere in your consecration.

We asked the Lord to take our life, He took it. Do we believe it? We ask the Lord to keep it and He is keeping it. Do we rest in it?

God is clearing out and digging up and as the seasons pass we will see God’s hand working in our lives all for His glory!

It is only through the cross of Jesus that we are acceptable to God. Jesus our mediator stands in the gap between our mess and a perfect God. Our offering is acceptable to God through the cleansing fountain of the cross.

When we offer it, we are cleansed and we are being cleansed.

Thank you Jesus for bringing beauty out of my shattered mess.

All things work together for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

This my reflections on the book, Kept for the Master ‘s Use by Frances Havergal

Part 7 concludes the 1st chapter


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