I am reading “Kept for the Master’s Use by Frances Havergal.
I want to share highlights and thoughts as I go through it. These are little bite sized chunks. I don’t know about you, but I want to really think on this and I do better with small chunks.

The first chapter is “Our lives kept for Jesus”
Frances tells us we have echoed these words, “Take my life, that it may be consecrated Lord to Thee.” Maybe we have run into dissatisfaction and disappointment in our consecration song. There seems to be a leak somewhere.
She gives us two points to look at.
When you said, “Take my life…”, did you believe he heard it? Do we doubt that the prayer reached him?
Isn’t this why we aren’t experiencing Him in all His power and joy? If we don’t trust this, He then causes us to feel unsettled, so that we will seek why we are not satisfied why we don’t have this fullness.
So I’ll leave it at that today.
Do you believe that he hears you?
Do you doubt what you have offered to him?(your life)
More on this tomorrow.


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