Waters of Meribah

Are you in the wilderness? Are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Are you complaining, longing to be fed?
What/who are you looking to meet these needs?
Jesus is our Rock and He will deliver running water that will fill us. Do we trust that He will do as He promises?
Are the people/leaders around you failing you? Let God deal with them. Your first priority is your dealings with God.
Why was it called the Waters of Meribah? The meaning is, bitter water. It was full of bickering and quarreling.
Why do we bicker and quarrel? Isn’t it that we aren’t trusting in God?
Whether we are leaders or whether we are being led, we are all dependent on God.
In our complaining and our feeble need, God is gracious and He longs to draw near to meet those needs.
What is our stumbling block?
One is taking our eyes off the Lord, and placing all blame on our leaders and outward circumstances. Have you given thought to the fact that God has you here for such a time as this?
He will not forsake you. He will supply all your needs.

Leaders, have you decided to take matters into your own hands? As Moses struck the rock, what rock are you striking out of impatience, anger and pride? The Lord asks, do you trust me? Are you bearing together in patience, mercy and grace? God is slow to anger but abounding in love. Are you quick to set everyone in their place? Leaders, make your dealings with God in reverence and all humility, for He will give you strength and grace to endure.

All of us can relate with being a leader and being led. We can put our feet in both of these sets of shoes, the one common denominator is humility; we are all under His authority and He wants our full heart. He longs for us to trust Him completely. Trust Him when the harvest is bountiful and even more trust Him in the wilderness. Trust Him when every fiber of your flesh wants to rebel. This is the place of rest.
“Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” (Proverbs 3:5)

Don’t take matters into your own hands. Give it ALL to the only Hand, the Hand of the Living God who is faithful until the end.
Always our dealings are first between ourselves and God. Vertical first.

Believe and trust Him!


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