Hope! Praise! Remember!

“HOPE” – this is not a blind wishful thinking but a looking unto a firm foundation that stands in the fiercest storms. The cornerstone Jesus can not be shaken!

“PRAISE”- A continual heart of thanksgiving. Lifting high the name above every name, Jesus! We can praise not because of how we feel, but because of who He is! Latch onto that! He is worthy! He is our hope and salvation!
Praise him on the mountain top. Praise him in the valley.
Praise Him in the in between.

“REMEMBER” – We are a forgetful people. So easily, we can get smothered by the storms, the trials, the weariness of this life.
Remember who God is! Remember what he has done! How? Through his Word! Also look to your Christian experience…remember how the Lord has seen you through past trials, how he has shown Himself faithful. Have you forgotten His steadfast mercy and grace?

The tears come. The world is weary. The burdens are heavy and yet this is not the last word.

Hope in God!

Praise Him continually!

Remember Him and His goodness!

He cares for you and for me!


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