“But suppose our hearts do not condemn us in this matter,(believing God really heard our heart when we came to Him)our disappointment may arise from another cause.” Frances Havergal

What is this other cause?

Havergal shows us another area where we may find a stumbling block in our moving forward in our Christian life.
It might not be that you didn’t take Him at His word, but maybe you doubted He took you at your word. This serves to stir up all kinds of entanglements.
The only right step now is to pull down any stronghold, destroy it by asking the Lord humbly to search our hearts to find out any hidden areas that are preventing His grace to flow freely. Find the leak Lord.
The Lord is tender and gentle with us, but He is exact. It may hurt but we cannot know the fullness of joy and abundant life unless we allow the great Physician to do His work in us. So when we ask humbly to find any wicked way, don’t run away when he reveals the very thing to our conscience.
He is ready to heal, are you ready to receive it?

“The heart that is not entrusted to Him for searching will not be undertaken by Him for cleansing; the life that fears to come to the light lest any deed should be reproved, can never know the blessedness and the privileges of walking in the light.”

My paraphrasing, and highlights from, “Kept for the Master’s Use” by Frances Havergal. Her exact words are in quotations.


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