America was founded on an authoritative objective morality outside of ourselves.

And though not all the founding fathers were Christians, The Bible was the foundation for this thinking. We simply can’t take this fundamental truth out of our history. You can try to rewrite history but all will fall apart when you rip away its foundation.

Some things are not meant to see through.

Lewis writes in the Abolition of Man,

“The whole point of seeing through something, after all, is to see something through it. One looks through a window in order to see the street or garden beyond. Similarly, it makes no sense to try to see through first principles. A world in which everything is transparent is an invisible world; thus, seeing through everything is the same thing as not seeing at all.

Trying to get beyond these principles results in the destruction of society as we know it. When we think we are seeing through foundational principles, we are actually losing our ability to see wisely at all.”

Lewis is inclined to believe that history does not show many examples of people who stepped outside of traditional moral structures and then used their power benevolently.

Lewis also says, “When there is no longer any objective sense of “It is good,” all that remains is “I want. This means that the conditioners are motivated only by their own pleasure. When there are no objective measures of value, then conditioners cannot value one emotional impulse over another, except by the impulses’ relative strength.”He further claims, “…they have sacrificed the sense of being part of traditional humanity in order to decide for themselves what “humanity” really is.”

So what does it mean to be human?

“…but when humanity has won the victory of making itself whatever it desires, what has it really won?”

A yard stick is objective. If my yardstick is 36” and yours is 42” whose measure should we use to determine a yard? What if someone comes along and says my yard stick is 24”?

If we have the right to redefine everything, how are we to communicate with each other?

If the founding fathers had not used an objective standard of morality, America would have never been founded?

We are on a slippery slope by trying to get away from an objective morality.

This is to our destruction because all our good and benevolent acts have no concrete authoritative basis and are left to crumble at our impulses and feelings. How can we live in agreement without boundaries and an objective standard?

So you say, my body, my rights, my feelings, my truth, my life?

This is the beginning of the end. This is the destruction of each individual and society as a whole!

There are absolutes and we are at the mercy of them.

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