The Train

The train whistle is blowing! Do you hear it? It’s loud and clear!

Have we gotten on the train or are we running along side it trying to keep up and catch it at the last minute? Are we still at the train station?

It’s exhausting running alongside it. The train is faster, than your feet can go. It’s stronger than you. You can run and run and run and you will never keep up. You will be tired and weary all the time.

Getting on the train on the other hand has protection from the elements. It’s true the train may go through storms, it may hit some obstacles to overcome. If you are outside running alongside, you are left to deal with the elements on your own, but if you are on the train, you have a seat to rest in as you journey to your destination. No heavy burden trying to keep up. No need to be weary.

The train also has community. On the train there are others on the way to the same destination as you that will comfort and encourage you. And when the train goes through the storm, you won’t have to go it alone. You will have fellowship and others to lean on. You will be able to encourage others too.

Most importantly, the train has a conductor. We aren’t driving the train, but when we choose to get on, we trusted that this conductor would get us to our destination. We don’t have to worry about the details of the journey, because the conductor has it all under his authority.

If you choose to run alongside the train, you are left to your own devices to get you to where your going. You won’t have the guidance and security that the conductor gives.

My question to you is, where are you? Are you running along side the train, wanting to do things your way, but still trying to keep up with the train and maybe try to hop on in the last minute?

Are you still at the train station just waiting for the train that you like? There is only one train that will get you to your destination and that is a 100% secure. All other trains can’t be trusted.

How will you know which train is the right one? It’s simple, it will have a huge sign that you won’t miss that says, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. It won’t be a fancy train with all the bells and whistles. It might look rather simple, and by worldly eyes not all that appealing, but there is no other way. All other trains lead to a dead end. Some trains will be so fancy, state of the art, it will be tempting to say that’s the train on want…beware and do not be deceived.

The Way, Truth and Life Train is waiting for you to get on! Get on today! Stop running! Stop waiting! Stop delaying! Stop making excuses! The conductor, his name is Jesus, and He wants to give you rest. Trust Him. Admit your need for Him. Admit your rebellion and then take the one way ticket and hop on! It’s the best decision you will make in your life!

All aboard!

Whoever has ears, let them hear. Matthew 11:15

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