Psalm 16 Part 1

I have broken down Psalm 16 and it has edified me and helped me see God and His character. I hope it may be a help to you.

I will break down each verse into a separate devotional.

V.1 “Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge”

Do I believe that God is going to keep me safe and in him I really can find refuge? I admit that I take matters in my own hands much of the time. This one verse requires faith, but it also requires patience and waiting on Him. We have our timing and God has his. Being still and waiting on God is not easy. Our patience wears thin and we jump in and say, “well God you don’t seem to be coming through, so I better step in.”

“Preserve me”

Who can preserve, but the one who breathed life in me? Who knew me in my mother’s womb? Who knows every hair on my head? I don’t even know myself like God knows me. Only the creator can preserve. Every breath I take is sustained by the grace of God. I must remind myself of this. When I remember this, I know that I am hiding under the wings of my savior and Lord.

“For in you, I take refuge”

Refuge is shelter, but I also see it as a safe home. When I was a kid, being home with my family, I felt safe. The old phrase “There is no place like home” rings true. As a Christian, I realize that our home is not on this earth, and the more we try to make it home the less we look to God as our ultimate refuge. He has set eternity in our hearts. He is our refuge and shelter from trouble and danger. Nothing that this world can offer will give us this. I can’t do one thing on my own to give myself refuge.

Do you believe God is preserving you? And do you believe he is your refuge?

He is.

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