The Christmas Wrapping

My favorite time of day is the first thing in the morning and bedtime.

These two times I love equally. They are different, but I love them the same.

In the morning even though I’m not particularly a “morning person”, I wake up with a fresh start. I open my eyes, and I know that His mercies are new every morning.

I love bedtime because I can lay all my cares and worries of the day at the feet of Jesus. I receive peace and comfort as I rest in Him.

God is the alpha and the omega so this makes sense.

When we start with Jesus and end with Jesus then we can rest acknowledging that everything in between is wrapped carefully and in His care. We need not worry about the contents because God surrounds it from the beginning to the end.

As I get ready to wrap presents for Christmas, I’m thinking of His wrapping around me. Jesus has covered it all from beginning to end. So get wrapped up in Him! May we all know the comfort of Jesus in a new fresh way!

Joy to the World the Lord has come!

Merry Christmas!


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