Epic Story

For the last few days, I have been listening to film scores. I love this music with its big orchestral sound, rolling timpanis, the swell of violins, the ethereal voices. When I listen to it, it takes me on my own journey. My life to a soundtrack! Clearly movie producers and writers, see the value of music in telling the story. Music penetrates past the words and the scene and seems to seep down into our souls.

As I was walking the trails, I had my epic soundtracks going on my phone, and I was overcome with the beauty that surrounded. The leaves were falling down on the tree covered paved pathway, and the music made it seem like I was walking through Narnia! I thought to myself, what I am experiencing is something bigger, deeper, and meaningful, than just a feeling. I was paying more attention. If you think about it aren’t we drawn to anything epic!? Don’t we want to live an epic life!?

As a Christian I believe we are all called to an epic life! Each will have its own story line within the main story line. Isn’t that epic!? We are called to be brave and take on the adventures that God lays out. We are called to be a hero or heroine in the name of Jesus lifting his name high above all else! And finally we will have the most epic ending, and you can’t really call it an ending, because our ending is really just the beginning! We are His masterpiece!

We must choose which road we will take. Do you want to travel down the lane of a lost heart, working to make ends meet, trudging through life with chains wearing you down, like Bob Marley in Dickens, A Christmas Carol? Or choose the road that has meaning and purpose? I’m not going to say it will be an easy road; His way is the narrow way, we are told. It will take more courage, more faith, but we will be part of an epic story beyond what we could imagine. We will be fully alive, not zombies walking around just getting by.

Think of many of your favorite Bible stories, one Epic story after the other all pointing to the main story of Jesus! They just had to take courage and follow His lead. What will the choice be?

Get in on the adventure! Your epic story is waiting.

What will your soundtrack be?



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