Eternal Tax

So….I am taking a break here as I do my taxes. Yes I’m one of those that procrastinates and waits for the automatic extension. I’m a heathen!!

Let me tell you how much I hate doing taxes. I’m self employed and they make it pretty hard on our kind.

Heaven certainly won’t have taxes?! Or will it? We will be giving everything back to God for his glory and loving every minute of it.


I was thinking about the verse, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

Clearly, Jesus was making a distinction between the kingdom of this temporal world and the kingdom of God. We have obligations in both. One of the hardest things is to balance that distinction and to not get caught up in just seeing the temporal.

It is very important to pay our earthly tax, but how much more our eternal tax?

In what ways are you contributing your eternal tax? Are you procrastinating and filing an extension? Are you cutting corners, trying to find those loopholes? Are you slipping behind on your payments and feeling like you’ve got a mount of debt.

I’m guilty of all those, but God is gracious! He paid the debt! We can rest easy. His burden is light!

On the other hand, God’s grace is not a license to be careless and negligent. I think it’s a good idea to examine ourselves, and do inventory over how giving we are of our resources, time and talents for the glory of God! It’s all His to begin with anyway.

Lord help me to not be selfish, stingy, and greedy with what you have given me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Now back to those earthly taxes. 🤪


3 Replies to “Eternal Tax”

  1. Goodness you’re still working on your taxes?! 😂😬 haha! I’m just kidding!! My wife and I are the kind who Jan 1st we get excoted because we cam go file our taxes – we’re THOSE kinds of people haha!

    Love the distinction between earthly and heavenly taxes. This was really timely for me. I just had to pay 50 bucks to get my daughter’s birth certificate to give a copy to my company for their audit records. Ugh. Then I read this post and felt so much better! And I love the idea of eternal tax and auditing ourselves to see how we spend our heart’s time and energy.

    Hope the taxes go quickly for you!! Blessings in Christ!


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