I was with my cousin Lindsey a few days ago hanging out at the mall, we were ooh-ing and ah-ing as we were looking in all these expensive stores that we would in no way be able to afford. My cousin and I love to shop!  Every year on New Years Day we meet up and go to the huge Dillard’s sale. We wait outside in the line with all the crazed shopaholics, just waiting to score that great deal! Anyway, we are walking around the mall and I am saying how I want this and want that, and then my cousin started to tell me a story. She said, “well I was just humbled recently.” My ears perked up, “Really? What happened?” She began to tell me about this young family that she knew through her husband. The parents were in their 30’s and they had two young children. The wife’s father had died several years earlier from a rare form of colon cancer. Lindsey went on to say that they found this rare cancer in the daughter. She was diagnosed and only lived a few more months. She died leaving behind her husband and young children. Lindsey said this family was active in their church and faith and just all around a family to admire. Here’s the clincher!  Lindsey then went on to say that on her death-bed, the last thing she told her husband was,

“Run to Jesus, cause that’s all that matters.”

She didn’t say walk, she said, “run!” There was urgency. I stood there in the mall feeling humbled myself. Priorities.

I thought about my good friend Donna who just died of ovarian cancer. Her last words to everyone, that I was honored to sing at her memorial service at her request was,

“Give me Jesus, you can have all this world, but give me Jesus.”


Not long ago my brother was at home and he witnessed a fatal car accident right outside his house. He told us the story, he heard the terrible crash. Emergency crews were on their way, but the young driver didn’t make it. My brother told us he bent down over the body and said,

“Look to Jesus.”


A couple of weeks ago I was at Goodwill, a local resale shop. As I was browsing one of the clerks and I started chatting, just small talk, but the small talk soon turned into something more. Robyn, the clerk started opening up to me and telling me of her anxiety and how paralyzing it was, she worried about something catastrophic happening all the time. As she was telling me this, her eyes started to well up with tears. I started to feel my eyes tearing up. I reached out and gave her a hug. I really did understand, because I deal with anxiety too. I shared my own sufferings with her, and how I could empathize. I told her I would be praying for her and I walked off. I prayed silently, “Lord, Oh Lord, what do I say to her? What should I do?”  I went up to the cash register to check out and she was standing there. I told her,

“Look to the Lord. Nothing else will fill that space but Him.”

I gave her another hug and left.


It’s easy to get our priorities out of whack, but here recently I have had several incidents that keep shouting, “JESUS!”  I know when you put him first everything else falls into its rightful place.




5 Replies to “Priorities.”

  1. Wow, we are on the same wave length or something! I have a post similar to this scheduled in 3 days from now. I know we don’t have the same followers, but I have several who don’t know God. It is so true what you have said, Johanna. It is too easy to forget the big picture while we go through our day to day lives. We must always ‘look to Jesus’. He is the answer to everything. πŸ™‚ Hugs.

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  2. So my wife and I were driving to church the other day and this huge semi truck pulls out and almost smashes another car in front of us. Instinctively, I just recoiled in my seat and said, “Jesus!” Not in the cursing mode, but just instinctively saying his name for him to do something. There wasn’t time for a full prayer, I just wanted him to call to him to stop it. I told my wife I see myself doing that when I’m on the road and watch a “close call” unfold in front of me. It’s like if you had one word you could say, you only had time to say one word, what would you say? And in those situations, I find myself just reverting to his name. He can take it from there. You ask a great question, who do you run to? When the lights turn out, whose hand do you reach for? Because I think that speaks volumes about our hearts. It gives us a glimpse into the questions, what do you think about? What do you desire? Who do you trust?

    Not sure if it’s connected, but whenever I’ve said his name on instinct as a close call happened, it never became an accident.

    By the way, I loved your story talking with Robyn. I think that’s something God desires to see a lot of with the people that are in our paths.

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    1. You are so right Joel!
      I think of out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I’m so glad there was no accident and all is ok.
      Also when I talked to Robyn, I thought about my comment before on your post about interacting in the people we come across. God gave me the opportunity and I followed through. πŸ™‚

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      1. Luke 6:45! That’s right πŸ™‚

        Oh that’s so cool! Wow, thank you. I’m so honored that God used those words in your life like that! I’m seriously humbled. πŸ™‚

        God bless you Johanna!! Hope you have a great day!!

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