Heaven? Never Ending Church Service?

I grew up in church. We went Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and if there was special things going on maybe more. This was the norm and the routine.

Now this is not a anti church post, but more of our view of what Heaven is going to be like. I have to say, for a long time I have always thought heaven is just going to be sitting around for eternity singing songs and well just being at church all the time. This idea of heaven did nothing for my longing for eternity, and as a result effected the way I lived out my faith.

I get these sensations a lot, they don’t last long, maybe not even a second, but its a wave that makes my heart burst with joy and fulfillment. Sometimes music will trigger it, or a smell, or being at a place, or sometimes I can’t even pinpoint the trigger, but as quickly as it comes, it’s gone and I go chasing it to get that sensation again. I think this sensation is a small dose of what eternity will be like. God gives us these glimpses to awaken in us life, abundant life; then we go screw it up by our misplaced desire. C.S. Lewis said the beauty was not in those things, rather it only came through those things.

My husband and I  watch a show called American Pickers. Its a show where these two guys go around the country and pick for antiques and collectibles. Most of the places that they pick from are these people who have been collecting their whole life practically and have so much stuff that it kind of looks like a hoarder. They have so much stuff, you have to climb through it to find the “rusty gold” like they call it. In one of the episodes the collector was asked what got him started collecting, he said, ” It reminds me of the things I grew up with. I don’t really know the attachment, but kind of wish I didn’t have it cause it’s like a disease.” I was taken by his genuine honesty. It got me thinking this guy was chasing after a longing inside him, and by his own admission I don’t think he understood that fully, but what was interesting was his comment about wishing he didn’t have this attachment because it’s like a disease. I could see how all that collecting, searching for that one item would bring that sensation of heaven back, and you might get a glimpse, and then poof it’s gone just as quickly as it came. Then you have to get another item and another, and soon you have barns and barns of stuff, and none of it is doing anything of eternal value. He tapped into something when he said a “disease”. In reality it really is a growing malignancy that he was feeding. All that stuff wasn’t bringing ultimate fulfillment. Was he trusting in the “stuff” for the beauty and sensation of heaven?

Our view of heaven is of the most utmost importance. I know this now. How much we anticipate eternity, will determine how we live our life here on earth. If we give no thought to it or there is no excitement for it, then most likely the way we live our lives on earth will have very little eternal benefit. On the flip side, when we are embracing the longing for eternity and looking on it with great anticipation, the more we will want to live for eternal benefit. God gave us deep longings, but when we trust in anything but Him to fulfill it we end up with a heap of junk, a disease that just grows and grows, and the bigger it gets the harder it is to control.

If we truly believe in eternity with this great anticipation, this gives the motivation to share the gospel. This is what we have to look forward to. Jesus said, “Look, I am making all things new.” That feeling you get when you buy something new, like new car, going on vacation, etc. well thats just a simulated feeling for what Jesus is talking about. I can’t even explain it, but the thought is making me excited. The newness will never where off, and it will be all your longings fulfilled!! And its all IN HIM! Jesus wants you to feel the desires he has placed in you and then trust in Him. Jesus would always question, what are you seeking? What do you want? It all had to do with desire.

ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT ETERNITY!?  I hope you will never think of heaven as just a big never ending sing-along again. Go and share this truth the next time you share the gospel. Just asking someone what they want, and what they are seeking can open up doors for them to do their own reflection and then we can say I know who can meet your deepest longing!

He created you, He can complete you!

11 Replies to “Heaven? Never Ending Church Service?”

  1. Jo, You are such a good writer. You express your thoughts and those thoughts speak to the hearts of others. You are such a blessing. Love you, Uncle David

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  2. I am eager for heaven too. I think God’s Presence will be so wonderful that we will never tire of it. It will just feed us with more and more joy, love and peace. And boy, what a day that will be! 🙂

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  3. Amen! I think it shows a lot of where the church’s heart is today by seeing that you never hear of people talking about their treasure in heaven, or pursuing their reward in heaven. It’s all about what you can get here, whether materially or spiritually. I think we need to do a self-diagnostic on our hearts and determine if we are seeing this life as the fulfillment of our heart’s desires, or if it’s fulfillment is in treasure stored in heaven. Are our thoughts preoccupied more with that vacation next year, or our marriage to the Lamb? Most people view heaven as a retirement plan instead of the fulfillment of their every heart’s desire. John Eldredge talks a lot about this actually in his podcasts and his book Journey of Desire. And also, not just treasure in heaven, but what kind of treasure? Is that a consummation of a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus, finally being in his presence? It’s all about where our hearts are at. As Proverbs 17:3 says, “The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the LORD tests the heart.” God bless!

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  4. Thanks Joel for your comment. I agree with you completely about the present state of the church. Also I am currently doing the guide book to John Eldredge’s book you were talking about. It is such a great book! I will be telling more people about it. Blessings!

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    1. That’s great – Eldredge is my favorite writer and Journey of Desire is just amazing. I fell so deeply in love with Jesus after reading it. It made me see where my treasure really is, at home in heaven in Jesus!

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  5. And this is one of the reasons out of many why I love you so! Great read wifey! Jesus blessed me with you and everyday is a blessing with you and God in my life!

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