Quit Trying! Start Trusting!

“Don’t be a quitter!” “Quitters never win!” We hear this all the time. We have this will power within us that just won’t stop! I always find I want credit for something, anything.
I even take this “will” into christian service and spiritual life sometimes. I say things like “I want to do more for you Lord!” “I want to do big things for you Lord!” This is not a bad desire–most certainly not, but I was finding that I was getting burdened down with feeling like I’m not doing enough. Deep down, I think God would be more proud of me if I did more for Him. No! No and No! I can’t add or take away from what Jesus has already done.”Quitters never win?” For crying out loud, Jesus has already won! What I’m saying here is not that will doesn’t matter and that we shouldn’t stay in the spiritual fight. What I am saying is are you trying and willing over what God is trying to do in and through you? God is not more pleased with Billy Graham’s christian service than he is with the janitor down at the local grocery store and his service. If we are hindering the will of God, even if it’s in effort to do more for God, we need to quit! I don’t mean quit being a Christian or quit serving the Lord but truly step aside and say, I quit trying Lord. I quit trying on my own power. I’m powerless but you have all the power. I’m weak, but you are strong. Apart from you I can do nothing. The Father in heaven said, “This is my son in whom I’m well pleased.” God is pleased with us through His son and the atonement not because of anything I do or say or don’t do or don’t say. I cannot add or take away from what is finished through the work of Christ Jesus. Praise God! What a relief! I can’t handle that burden. It’s too heavy. I can’t! I quit! I quit trying to carry that burden! I quit trying to do it all on my own! I quit trying to be the best preacher/teacher. I quit trying to please God through my actions and my words. I quit trying to gain brownie points in Heaven. I quit complaining or comparing myself on not having the same big opportunities of Christian service that maybe some of my fellow brothers or sisters have. I quit trying to get credit!
It’s easy to fall into the trap of an over zealous faith at times like the apostle Peter. How many times do we try to show God how strong we are or how competent we are or how good we are in our behavior, service, etc? Oh, how bad we want credit.
God doesn’t look at this and collect points and check marks. He sees Jesus in whom he is well pleased.
The only reason God can look at us is because of Jesus! Thank you Jesus! You lifted me out of this mess. I surrender.
Now it doesn’t stop there. I quit trying, but I can’t stop trusting. Here’s where it gets good. Isn’t it logical that the One who created you is the One who knows what’s best for you? So trusting should be a great relief compared to trying.
I will to do your will, Lord! I step aside so that I don’t hinder your work through me. I surrender. I am your empty vessel. I quit trying. I decide to trust.
We must walk in the spirit!
Start today! Quit trying! Start trusting!

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