Where is Ultimate Fulfillment?

I have been teaching music for 10 years and I’m not sure how I fell into this except that it must be God’s will. I hardly felt qualified to teach, as I didn’t get a degree in it like many. Although, I did have much experience in the field of music and performing through private lessons, master classes and performing in theater. If I think back to when I was a kid, I was always teaching in some form or fashion. I was drawn to teaching early on, and again I am not sure why. Whether it was “playing school” or gathering the little kids in the fellowship hall at the church and teaching them Bible stories, or teaching the neighborhood kids to tap dance; I didn’t think about it, I just did it and I enjoyed it. It felt natural to me. And in all those different teaching circumstances, it just seemed like I was sharing the things that I had learned and passed it on. I believe God gave me the desire to teach, but even though it felt natural as a kid and young adult, as I got older I struggled with more insecurities and my inadequacies seemed larger. Wouldn’t more experience make you feel better? It got me thinking, confidence and fulfillment doesn’t come from more accomplishments or degrees. In and of themselves these things are wonderful but when accomplishments and degrees are self focused it just opens up a pandora’s box of how little you really have accomplished. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know and the cycle goes. The more I accomplish the more I realize I need to accomplish and I start heaping accomplishment after accomplishment in search for the ultimate fulfillment in where I can say “I finally did it! I’m fulfilled!” Each accomplishment feels good for a moment but then we are left empty. So why even strive for anything at all you say? Striving for your dreams and the desires that God has placed in your heart is wonderful thing, but the only way it is finally fulfilling is when you go after it for one reason, not for your own glory but the glory of God alone. At the end of nearly every musical piece that Bach composed, were the initials SDG(Soli Deo Gloria, “To God be alone the Glory”) One of his famous quotes and what he lived for;
“The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” J.S. Bach

We are all given different gifts, and talents. No matter what it is, big or small, give it away. In everything, do it all for the glory of God. This is where our ultimate fulfillment lies. I have to submit to this truth every day to put to death the rearing head of self-first.

Lord help me to be and do my best according to your will so that I can in return give my best not for my glory but your glory alone!

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