Kiss the wave

“I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me into the Rock of Ages.” Charles Spurgreon

I ran across the incredible quote and it struck me so profoundly. Life is a series of waves; some are small and mellow, others are giant and can seem like we just might drown. The good news is Jesus is riding those waves with us and each crash of the wave pushes us deeper into the Rock.

We can’t avoid the waves and if we look at what each wave is doing to us and in us why would we want to avoid it? I want to be closer to the Rock! I don’t want to be drifting far out in the middle of the ocean aimlessly.
To get closer to the Rock, I have to get ready for some waves! They may be uncomfortable and seem frightening, or they could be exciting and exhilarating.
Thank you Jesus for riding the waves with me and bringing me closer to the Rock of Ages.


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