My Identity 

I come to the Father through the cross of Christ.

I will not be oppressed by my weaknesses and strength.

I will not be knocked down by the power of sin and death.

I boldly stand as the person I was made to be.

I am looking unto Jesus who is alive in me.

In His love,


At the brink of disaster, He grabbed me!

Here I am an empty vessel. I thirst, I hunger, my longings never cease. I want and I need. Its a constant crave cycle. I need to be filled up, emptiness will never do. Oh, I try to fill it up with nostalgia, with family, and fun, approval, even going to church. These things I know will never fully satisfy. My trust can’t be put in anyone of these single things. These things are all good, but they won’t leave me fully satisfied. This I know to be true with my entire being, because I have tasted the Water of Life; it wasn’t by my own might or power. I did nothing, accept dive into His arms – spirit to Spirit. When I knew I had no hope and I was at the brink of disaster, I didn’t stop and analyze the statistics and weigh my options. I had no other option. I knew this to be true; spirit to Spirit. I jumped. In mid air I went from death to life. He caught me and made me fully alive. I am filled up spirit into His Spirit. I am His and He is mine, not by might not by power but by His Spirit! This old nature is still to be wrestled with, and until I reach glory, I have to jump into His arms daily spirt into His Spirit!

Make me spiritually alive. Fill me up dear Savior!

Have you had your heavenly meal today?

I Samuel 3:18 He is Lord; let him do what is good in his eyes.

Just as we need earthly food to give our bodies strength, how much more do we need heavenly food to nourish our souls? If we only ate once a week, we would be severely malnourished and probably would not live long. The consequences would be great. Our soul is no different, it needs daily food to thrive. When we deprive ourselves of earthly food, we starve, and when that intense starvation is present, we are weak, and when we are weak we will grab hold of just about anything to put in our bellies even if it’s not healthy or remotely good for us. Our spiritual state is the same, if we are not being nourished consistently in God’s word, and simply feasting on Jesus, the one who fully satisfies, then we will begin to starve, and become weak, and when the trial or temptation comes how do you think we will stand? We can stand strong in the face of adversity or temptation by staying satisfied in Jesus. He will give us the confidence and strength to say “He is Lord; let him do what is good in his eyes.”

I have found that it is easy to get steered off from reading the Bible and I want to fix that. I want to be full of Jesus and if I neglect time in His word and prayer I will starve.

My prayer: Lord, fill me up so that I can know more of you and in return share Jesus with those around me. Nourish my soul so that I have the strength to stand in adversity and temptation and so that I may be able to give of myself as you gave yourself up for me. In jesus name! Amen!