Thursday Reflection

There are so many godly people that I have met through this blog, I thought it would be nice to interact more. I would love to hear thoughts on different biblical and theological subjects.

I realize we are a forgetful people and we need to be reminded and encouraged by our Christian brothers and sisters. God never meant us to do it alone. I know we have our home churches and I am so thankful for that, but for all of us introverts, this is a real comfortable way to interact. hahaha!

So for today the reflection/question is:

Joy and happiness are not necessarily synonymous. We can have happiness and feel a great joy, but we can have joy and not necessarily feel very happy.

It’s very easy to pair these two up. How do you define happiness and joy, and what have been your experiences?

10 Replies to “Thursday Reflection”

  1. I’d say theres a difference! Off the top of my head, I’d say that happiness is an emotion…fluctuating and dependent on circumstances. Joy is a deep knowledge that we are on the winning side, that God is always good, that even the bad can be used for good, and that we are not alone in the midst of it all. That’s why we can be joyful but not necessarily feel happy!

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    1. Rejoice In Hope, I really like your definition here. I think you’re spot on with the difference between joy and happiness! Plus you’re right, its more than possible to be joyful but to be unhappy. But I’d rather have the joy than the happiness becauae I want to be deeply rooted in the knowledge of God’s love for us.

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  2. 🙌 I was so excited to see this pop up in my feed today! Loved this post and the concept! And exciyed to see you back writing again! So to your question…

    Happiness I think is a subset of joy. If I feel joyful, I usually have some feeling of happiness -not always. I think joy is deep rooted in truths about God while alwats producing fruits of happiness and peace. I can know joy deeply from my brain to my soul. Happiness does seem to be more sufacey (to coin a term). I dont think happiness is a bad thing, but long term I want to be pursuing joy not happiness.

    I think a great analogy is building your house on sand versus rock. Joy is like rock. Happiness can be more like sand. It’s great to play in. Wonderful to have a bonfire by the ocean in with all your friends, but when you go home for the night, your house better be built on rock (joy).

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    1. Oooh I love the house being built on sand analogy! Yes! yes! yes! I hadn’t thought of that one, perfect! Seek after the joy that comes through Him!
      Love it! Thanks for sharing Joel!
      I am glad to start writing again. It is one area I find joy—using my gifts for His glory.

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      1. Thanks Johanna!! Yes seek after the joy that comes through Him – Inlove it!!

        So glad you find joy in writing. I know what you mean – I find joy in it also. 🙂

        Hope you have a great weekend!

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